3D Printing and Advanced Robotics

The founding of 3D PARS

3D PARS was founded in 2015 by Dr. Mauris DeSilva to serve as a Virtual Launch Pad (VLP) for groundbreaking disruptive technology.  3D PARS provides the fertile ground for new ideas to flourish by utilizing 3D printing and advanced robotics.  By bridging high profit and social benefit, 3D PARS was created to meet felt needs and advance health & medical technology.  Beginning with an initial consultation, 3D PARS assess each client's individual needs and then customizes a business model and any technology to match. 

The mission of 3D PARS

3D PARS is a growing virtual company that facilitates collaborative teams that pioneer groundbreaking initiatives.  The scope of 3D PARS is larger than any single discipline, project or idea.  3D PARS isn’t a typical company, but uses sustainable cognitive business models with a goal to connect innovators, provide or connect them with resources, and support these teams as they expand health & medical technology.  3D PARS strives to act as a bridge between health & med tech and high tech, knowing that when scientific and technological partnerships are formed innovation follows as a result. This collaborative network is already founded and growing in the Minneapolis community, and continues globally expanding to connect world changers.

The Sustainable

Cognitive Business Model

At its core, 3D PARS is a company that seeks to provide a venue for advancing entrepreneurial work, and then act as a catalyst for advancing those ideas.  3D PARS operates with an innovative sustainable cognitive business model, which was carefully crafted to facilitate and accommodate technology growth, including exponential technology, and was designed to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving fields of science and engineering.  Initiatives always begin with a felt need, and then bring together a unique group of experts to address that need.  To accommodate the ever evolving landscapes of science and engineering, 3D PARS is a company that is constantly growing and developing disruptive technology.  This ability to change is what defines 3D PARS as a business, helps the organization to thrive, and enables the expansive reach of its important work.

The Pioneering of Cooperative Initiatives

The mission of 3D PARS is clearly demonstrated by its wide expanse of initiative projects.  Through bringing together groups of experts from different fields to form multidisciplinary teams, problems can be solved and research can be advanced in unimaginable ways. Click to see a list of 3D PARS current and past initiative partnerships. 3D PARS is proud to support these exciting projects.