3d-parsDr. Mauris DeSilva – CEO Page

3D PARS CEO Mauris Desilva

Innovation is never easy (nothing in life ever is) — but innovation is necessary, especially in the health & medical technology industry, in order to enhance the quality of human health.  Current practices in medical technology have created a void, and filling the void requires innovation and disruptive technology.  While we have come a long way in understanding the biology of life in a short period of time, we are not at the place we need to be.  We have more work to do until cancer is cured, injuries are quickly healed, and individuals are no longer dying at a young age due to sickness and disease.

This is where disruptive innovation comes in.  The medical technology industry needs disrupting, and we must change how we practice medicine in order to improve the quality of living.  New technologies are being researched each and every moment that have the great potential to change the face of the medical technology industry for the better, but these technologies rarely make it to actual use due to obstacles in translating the research findings into practice.  We must strive to ensure perfect human health for all by continually pushing to advance medical research to new heights.

How 3D PARS Will Innovate

Here at 3D PARS we are striving to push medical technology to new heights.  We are creating a disruption.  Our innovation is in a new, emerging field of science, engineering and technology.  Founder and CEO, Dr. Mauris DeSilva has a vision.  Dr. DeSilva envisions that the medical technology industry cannot only be improved significantly, but also changed forever by combining specialized 3D printing with advanced robotics.  This will create a new path of practice — a new direction that will need the development of novel education and training programs.

This type of change and innovation takes time, energy, research, and world-class scientists, engineers, and policymakers.  With Dr. DeSilva leading by example, 3D PARS plans to create this type of new direction for taking care of human health .  3D PARS strives to not only to create, but also to educate.  As Dr. DeSilva continually works to localize the 3D printing and advanced robotics industry in Minnesota, he also understands that building a network and spreading that network throughout the United States and globally is essential for informing and educating people regarding the development of this novel and emerging field.

Innovation Is Profitable

Disruptive innovation takes time, and time is money.  Dr. DeSilva understands this after working at the Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio, Texas, as a principal investigator.  Private businesses operate in one manner, while the government does business in a whole different way.  Dr. DeSilva envisions that 3D PARS will merge the best practicing methods from both sides, establishing a new sustainable business model that produces high gaining profits while taking care of humans to the fullest.  The medical technology produced by this emerging field will be incorporated into military medical practices, while saving civilian lives at the same time.  The potential for high gaining profits is remarkable with this new field, and persons choosing to invest in this new vision of technology will make a substantial amount of profit, as technologies altering the course of health for humans are always high-profit.  Yet, 3D PARS envisions that developed new technologies will be available to everyone.  No matter if you’re rich or poor, 3D PARS is developing technology to help the masses. Community interest driven, Dr.  DeSilva is creating a new sustainable cognitive business model and avenue for the medical technology industry.

Dr. DeSilva and His Vision

As lofty as the goals Dr. DeSilva has set for 3D PARS and himself may be, his abilities and clear understanding can truly change the medical technology industry.  Holding a bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics, a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering with specialization in Biomedical Engineering, and completing a post-doctoral position in Ophthalmology, Neuroscience, and Nanotechnology, Dr. DeSilva has dedicated his life to improving the health and life of all humans.  A bioengineering and nanomaterial expert, he was a principal investigator at the Naval Medical Research Unit - San Antonio, Texas (NAMRU-SA). At NAMRU-SA, Dr.  DeSilva conducted research on infection and biofilm prevention, nanoparticles and nanomaterials, coatings for controlled drug delivery, drug and toxic substance testing on the nervous system, pain control, traumatic brain injury, tissue engineering, stem cells, and optoacoustics—he is always looking for new ways to innovate and currently holds four patent applications.  Dr. DeSilva has extensive experience in government funding procedures, project management, and acquisition procedures for supporting translational biomedical engineering.  His research abilities within emerging fields, combined with his vast understanding of government funding, allows him the unique opportunity to change the course of health and life for humans forever.  This is what 3D PARS and Dr. DeSilva will do—change the medical technology industry by establishing a novel sustainable cognitive business model: high profits and community interests. Combining 3D printing and advanced robotics into a new technology will help people in all walks of life maintain or return to good health.